Myself and another volunteer will be visiting organisations based in Uganda this summer that are partnered with GlobalGiving as part of the Evaluation Programme. GlobalGiving is the first and largest crowdfunding platform that connects non-profits, companies and donors. GlobalGiving itself is also a charity that provides partner organisations who are members on the platform with access to funding, free tools, resources and training.

The wonderful thing about GlobalGiving is that it provides donors with the confidence to give to smaller, local organisations. All organisations that are on GlobalGiving go through a rigourous vetting process, there is an on-going partnership which is in-part what I will be part of! We will be visiting organisations to evaluate their work, provide feedback, in-person training and access to a free external audit review. The in-person visits really do help foster closer relationships and build the Global partnership.

We will be arriving in Uganda at the end of June and visiting four projects in total. (plus one short visit). We will also be hosting a fundraising and communications workshop in August for new and existing partner organisations.

Here are the projects  that we will be visiting:


Enjuba Spelling Bee

Having just come first place in the GlobalGiving March accelerator  (A virtual crowdfunding campaign & training programme non-profits complete to become a permanant member on GlobalGiving). Enjuba are a very new member to the GlobalGiving community. They currently work in 1,000 schools helping children to improve their life skills and literacy. This is done through reading initiatives and an annual spelling competition for primary school children with the purpose of improving literacy skills. Enjuba spelling bee also provide teacher trainings to help maximise the level of learning.



The Odwar Fund

The Odwar fund works in Northern Uganda seeking to improve the lives of communities, children and families through education, livelihoods and health programmes. The Odwar Fund supports vulnerable children and orphans to get scholarships to go to school and acheive their full potential. They help to improve Early Childhood Development centres through the provision of learning aids and resources. The Odwar Fund focus on ensuring that vulnerable young people, irrespective of tribe, background or race can suceed in their education.



Volunteer Action Network 

Situated in the North of Uganda in Gulu, Volunteer Action Network (Vac-Net) was established by a group of local volunteers. Vac-Net aims to empower women and youth through health education, leadership development and socio-economic programmes. One of the programmes that Vac-Net carry out is a micro-credit programme that is complemented with literacy, health and business education. Vac-Net also offer young girls a social enterprise opportunity that involves training them to produce saitary pads that are distrubuted in rural schools to improve school attendance.



Grassroots Uganda- Empowering African Women 

Grassroots Uganda focus on women’s empowerment, they currently work with five women’s groups and an artist cooperative. Grassroots Uganda provide training in craft-making, business, money management and health. In addition to this, Grassroots Uganda also provide support to ‘House of Hope’ which is a Ugandad orphanage, school and child empowerment centre. Where possible, the children are placed with host families within the community that are then supported by House of Hope with the necessities.


During our visits I will be sure to update you on each project and the work that they are doing in their communities. I am excited to build the partnership between each organisation and GlobalGiving even more!



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