As I have now completed the first training day for the GlobalGiving Evaluation Programme, let me tell you a little bit more about what I will actually be doing this summer! This will be an introduction to the beginning of my second journey! Moving to London was a big step, but I will be going somewhere a bit further a field this summer…

I have been at GlobalGiving since September as part of my university placement year, my role is to coordinate the Field Evaluation Programme.  I am delighted that I will actually be taking part in the programme myself too. I am so pleased that after my time at GlobalGiving in the UK office, I will be able to meet some of the partner organisations in-person and see the amazing work that they do on the ground.

Training day 1 photo

GlobalGiving is a digital crowdfunding platform that provides tools, resources, training, access to match funding and grant management (and much more!) for nonprofits in over 165 countries. GlobalGiving runs an Evaluation Programme each year. There is a group of 12 of us that are taking part in the programme this year. The evaluation programme is just one of the ways in which GlobalGiving is able to provide in-person training and practical support to small grassroots organisations across the world, at the same time, allowing donors to give with confidence to small nonprofits. And this is where I come in!

I will be travelling to Uganda in June to visit GlobalGiving project partners with Marina. We will also be hosting a workshop in-country with current and prospective GlobalGiving partners. Each visit will involve us carrying out an organisational assessment whilst providing practical support on the GlobalGiving systems, crowdfunding and communications and writing up an external report at the end of the visit.

In effect, the visits enable small nonprofits, that often have low capacity but an immense passion and drive for their mission, to access an external organisational audit free of charge. training day 1 photo 2

For the programme, we receive 5 days of training from GlobalGiving. At the first training day it was great to meet with all the volunteers together. As I will be both coordinating and taking part in the programme I am really excited that I’ll be involved in not only my own trip but the planning and support of the others as well. At the training we heard of how GlobalGiving is all about supporting local solutions to local needs and always ensuring that this is driven by the community they seek to serve.

The training was run by the CEO of GlobalGiving UK, Eleanor Harrison, who gave an insightful and critical perspective of International Development and the current charity, fundraising and donor climate. Eleanor’s unique approach to International Development was so different to that of what is covered in my course at University and has given me a more practical understanding of International Development in action. The first day of training really gave me a better understanding of the key challenges for local actors and some of the negative trends within the charity sector today. We also heard from a guest speaker, Ben Jackson. Ben is the former Chief Executive of Bond and is now Global Director of Global innovation & Partnerships at United Purpose.

training day 1 photo 3

I am excited for the next training weekend in April where we will begin to look into more details about what projects we could visit.


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