On Monday 10th I went to my first discussion panel event with the CEO, Eleanor. The discussion, ‘Tech, Society and Politics’ was organised by PS21, a global think tank. The event was held in an apartment opposite the Tate Modern. There was a variety of extremely interesting people from within the third sector and beyond.  Eleanor was one of the panelists and topics that were discussed included; Mark Zuckerberg’s trip to Nigeria, the future of technology, mobile money, and online crowdfunding. Now I have discovered EventBrite, I am sure there will be many more events to come.


The next morning me and a few of the other volunteers headed to Imperial College London Volunteering Fair. The volunteer fair is targeted at students who are looking to engage in voluntary positions in the UK or overseas. We had a stall there whereby we exhibited the various roles available in GlobalGiving UK’s office and encouraged those who were interested to put their names and contact details down. This was also a great opportunity for us to promote the work that GlobalGiving does and the Evaluation Programme to potential volunteers.

In terms of coordinating said Evaluation Programme, this week we have been scheduling the returned volunteers individual debriefs. Eleanor and I had one via phone with one of the volunteers last Friday and two the following Friday, one was by phone and one in the office. Yesterday me and Jess, the other coordinator, conducted one of the debriefs which went well. This was an excellent chance to be able to practice interview skills- as an interviewer rather than an interviewee. Even though it was more of an informal feedback chat, you may not believe me when I say it was just as nerve-wracking conducting my very first exit interview as it is being interviewed. However, I am sure this is something which will become easier with time. It is valuable to have the experience to be on the other side of the table for a change.  img_0876

As well as the debrief last Friday, I also got to meet one of the volunteers who came into the office to meet the UK operations director of one of the non-profits they visited in Sierra Leone. This was useful to sit through this meeting with the volunteer and the Director as it enabled me to get a better understanding of the organisation and the types of conversations needed to write up the audit report. On this same day there was also another Crowdfunding workshop being held upstairs so I popped into this for a bit at lunchtime and it was interesting to speak to a few different charities who were attending this and hear about the work that they do.

I have finally remembered the door code and I feel like the coordination of the programme is progressing well. It will be interesting to have our check-in meeting with Eleanor next week to review the Evaluation Programme and begin planning for next years programme!


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